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Eating out European style with a London escort
Eating out European style with a London escort
05 February 2016

Eating out European style with a London escort

Some of the finest food in the world comes from our neighbours in Europe and we’re going to tell you about a few of them here.  Our London escorts love to eat out, so should you choose any of these places you’ll make them very happy indeed!

Of course, we know you might not want to take your London chosen call girl out to dinner; it’s certainly not mandatory.  However we would like to point out that it really is an experience not to be missed if you haven’t done it already.  Not only does it allow you to get closer to your chosen escort, it also allows them to get to know you better; and this can only be a good thing right?

Russian cuisine in London

Russian food isn’t always championed in the way it should be these days.  This is mostly to do with the way people bang on and on about French cuisine all the time; there’s little room for any other discussion!  We are here to tell you that some of the London escorts we represent do not only like Russian food, they’re actually from Russia!

By far one of the best Russian restaurants we, or any of our Russian escorts have eaten in, has to be Mari Vanna in Knightsbridge.  This place serves food that’s straight from a Russian mother’s 19th century kitchen and the décor is reminiscent of it too.  There’s so much on the menu that you’ll probably need one of our London escorts to help you choose!  Check out Mari Vanna online for a brief glimpse.

Baltic cuisine

Food from this region of the world is usually of a very high standard, since food has always been a big part of this culture.  Based in fresh and very regional produce, Baltic cuisine has always managed to stand out among others in London, particularly so now that we have a greater number of people from these countries living and working in our capital, including: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.  You certainly won’t struggle to find a young London escort from this region!

With this in mind we’d like to recommend the very aptly named Baltic Restaurant.  Whilst this restaurant has a name that indicates it serves food from these regions of the world, there is an incredibly diverse a la carte menu that offers food from literally all over the world on top of the classic Baltic recipes.  A great place to take some company if you’re in the mood for some London escorts fun!  You can visit The Baltic Restaurant website for more details, menus and bookings.

Don’t pay too much for companionship

The most important thing about going out for dinner is that you have good company.  But you really don’t have to spend too much money on getting it!  With Karma London Escorts you can get any of our beautiful, intelligent call girls for £100!  You will want to book a little longer than an hour of course however, if you want to have that more intimate time with them back at your hotel!

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