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How cheap are the cheapest London escorts?
How cheap are the cheapest London escorts?
05 February 2016

How cheap are the cheapest London escocheapest-London-escortsrts?

Well, sadly they do come very cheap indeed, but these girls are not what we like to term as “escorts.”  These are mostly young women who offer sexual services and don’t really intend to spend any amount of quality time with you at all.  The cheapest London escorts are not always the very best!

Either this will be the case or as a worst case the girls you’re booking may be controlled in some way; and as we all know, this is never cool!  But you want to know at what kind of price you’ll be safely booking a good quality, proper “escort,” and not just some young hooker.  About the cheapest London escorts you will find, that are the real deal and nothing dodgy or substandard, are around £100; and this is a fact, we know it because we provide this service of course.

The cheapest London escorts can’t cover the whole of London

It’s a fact that these girls who will spend time with you for less than £100 are mostly unable to get out into the Greater London areas because they’re all located in Central London.  It’s a fact that they’re more than likely operating from “walk-ups” or they’re actually being controlled in some way by an “agency” (we hesitate to use the word there!) who is unable to get the girls they represent anywhere too far away because they’re more than likely not operating within the law and can’t be running a proper business that employs professional drivers etc.

Ideally you need to book from an agency that can get companions to you wherever you are in the city of London.  Even if this agency has less choice, or they’re a bit more expensive, at least you will know you’re dealing with a business that is operating within the law and actually offering a service for the money you’re going to pay.

We are the only trusted and reliable cheap London escorts agency

So the upsell to all of this of course is the fact that we actually are the best choice if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, but you still want excellent quality companions from a trusted agency.  We know all the girls we represent personally, we obviously don’t control them in any way and we are indeed able to get them to your chosen location anywhere in Greater London with ease and within a very agreeable time period.

When it comes to the girls we represent, we do exactly that – represent them.  These young women come to us through the website because they’ve escorted before or they’ve been independent and don’t get enough bookings, or sometimes because they’re new to the industry.  All of them however know exactly what they’re doing and enjoy their chosen career path; even if it is temporary.  Some of the girls have other jobs and some of them are students who like to spend time with men from all over the city and enjoy the extra money.  Whatever the reason, we only choose the very best young women to represent.

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