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Secret Gig of Lady Gaga Stunned North Londoners
Secret Gig of Lady Gaga Stunned North Londoners
13 September 2016

It was a surprising thing for the north Londoners who received a shocking information about the sudden show of the singing diva, Lady Gaga. This might have really shocked many of her fans, who might have no such information.

It happened at such a sudden during the early hours of Saturday, that no one would have imagined something bigger like this. It has really surprised many people in a big way and that really matters a lot. Many of the men might have been looking for the London escort agency to enjoy their weekends but this news too have surprised them in a big way.

The producer of the show, Mark Ronson waited for her with two hours continuous DJ and when she appeared, it was really a thrilling moment for many ones. Many people might have not even thought of such thing to happen all of a sudden.

There are many fans of her who might have missed her show in such a short version of her. The news about her coming might have reached to some men when they might have been fulfilling their time with a hot London escort.

It started at 1:25am and that might have really surprised crowd in a big way. The positive thing was that the Hackney’s Moth Club was packed well as the crowd was well-informed by late evening of Friday and in that short interval, it was a shocking thing to see the number of people.

Men might have been thinking about to spend their time with the hot London escorts but this news might have turned them to think in some other way. This performance was an awesome one and has been able to deliver what used to be expected from Lady Gaga.