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Watch out for London Working Flats
Watch out for London Working Flats
05 February 2016

Watch out for London Working Flats

Massage and personal services are an old industry and they are conducted from a variety of premises.  There are a number of what are commonly referred to as “walk ups” in the London area.  There are pros and cons to these places and we’d like to give you some more info…

What’s a “Walk Up?”

A “Walk Up” is basically a room where girls will offer personal services.  Most of the time these places are rented by the girl on a daily basis so she can conduct her business from there.  There aren’t many walk ups where the girl actually lives there anymore.
You will usually have found her in a phone booth or if you’re lucky on a website where her pictures may or may not be real.  There is never really a guarantee with an independent girl in a walk up.  Walk ups are located here and there in London, mostly around Soho still.  You can often simply just “walk up” and knock on the door too.
There will usually be a notice at the bottom of the stairs saying something like “model for hire” or something equally as ridiculous.  It’s important that you understand these girls are not really London escorts, they’re mostly simply prostitutes offering short times for low cost. You should be aware of the pros and cons of course!


In these walk ups you’re more likely to get the following:
  • Real amateur girls
  • Fetish girls
  • Cheap price
  • You may not be able to see the girl before you book
  • The girls will not be London escorts
  • You won't be able to know what you’re going to get at the top of the stairs
  • You may feel obliged to go through with your visit because you’re there
  • In the worst case you may be supporting human trafficking
If you are really going to go through with using a London walk up, you should at least do a little research on Google first.  There are forums here and there where real punters have given advice about good and bad experiences of these places.  However, if you really want quality for a low price then you should book your London escorts through an agency like ours and have them visit your home or hotel.  At least you can refuse entry to someone you don’t like the look of; although this isn’t likely to happen with the girls we represent!

So check the gallery and book now!